What is Female Sexual Dysfunction? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Female Sexual Dysfunction

The most widely recognized issues recognized with female sexual dysfunction include:

  • Inhibited sexual desire. This includes an absence of sexual desire or passion for sex. Various elements can add to an absence of desire, including hormonal changes, diseases, and medications (for instance, malignant growth and chemotherapy), despondency, pregnancy, stress, and weariness. Fatigue with customary sexual schedules additionally may add to an absence of excitement for sex, as can way of life factors, for example, professions and the consideration of kids.
  • Inability to wind up excited. For women, the powerlessness for physical stimulation during sexual movement frequently includes lacking vaginal lubrication. This powerlessness additionally may have a connection with tension or lacking incitement. What’s more, scientists are examining how bloodstream issues influencing the vagina and clitoris may add to excitement issues.
  • Lack of climax (anorgasmia). This is the nonattendance of sexual peak (climax). It very well due to a lady’s sexual restraint, naiveté, absence of information, and mental factors, for example, blame, uneasiness, or past sexual injury or misuse. Different variables adding to anorgasmia incorporate lacking incitement, certain drugs, and incessant ailments.
  • Painful intercourse. Agony amid intercourse may happen due to various issues, including endometriosis, a pelvic mass, ovarian growths, vaginitis, poor lubrication, the nearness of scar tissue from a medical procedure, or a sexually transmitted infection. A condition called vaginismus is an excruciating, automatic fit of the muscles that encompass the vaginal passageway. It might happen in women who dread that entrance will be agonizing and furthermore may originate from a sexual fear or from a past horrendous or excruciating background.

How Is Female Sexual Dysfunction Diagnosed?

To analyze female sexual dysfunction, the specialist likely will start with a physical test and a careful assessment of side effects. The specialist may play out a pelvic test to assess the soundness of the conceptive organs and a Pap smear to identify changes in the cells of the cervix (to check for malignant growth or a pre-dangerous condition). The individual in question may arrange different tests to preclude any restorative issues that might contribute to the lady’s sexual dysfunction.

An assessment of your demeanors with respect to sex, just as other conceivable contributing variables, (for example, dread, uneasiness, past sexual injury/misuse, relationship issues, or liquor or medication misuse), will enable the specialist to comprehend the basic reason for the issue and make fitting treatment suggestions.


The perfect way to deal with treating female sexual dysfunction includes a collaboration between the lady, specialists, and prepared advisors. Most sorts of sexual issues can be rectified by treating the basic physical or mental issues. Other treatment procedures center around the accompanying:

  • Providing instruction. Training about human life structures, sexual capacity, and the ordinary changes related to maturing, just as sexual practices and fitting reactions, may enable a lady to beat her tensions about sexual capacity and execution.
  • Enhancing incitement. This may incorporate the utilization of suggestive materials (recordings or books), masturbation, and changes in sexual schedules.
  • Providing diversion procedures. Sensual or non-suggestive dreams; practices with intercourse; music, recordings, or TV can be utilized to build unwinding and take out tension.
  • Encouraging non-coital practices. Non-coital practices (a physically invigorating movement that does exclude intercourse. For example, use exotic back rub to get advance solace and increase in correspondence between accomplices.
  • Minimizing torment. Utilizing sexual positions that enable the lady to control the profundity of entrance may help soothe some agony. Vaginal lubricants can help decrease torment brought about by grating, and a steaming shower before intercourse can help increment unwinding.

Can Female Sexual Dysfunction Be Cured?

The achievement of treatment for female sexual dysfunction relies upon the fundamental reason for the issue. The standpoint is useful for dysfunction which identifies with a treatable or reversible physical condition. Mellow dysfunction that is identified with pressure, dread, or tension regularly can be effectively treated with advising, training, and improved correspondence between accomplices.

How Do Hormones Affect Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Hormones assume a significant job in managing sexual capacity in women. With the lessening in the female hormone estrogen that is identified with maturing and menopause. Many women experience a few changes in sexual capacity with the increase in age. Including poor vaginal lubrication and diminished genital sensation. Research recommends that low dimensions of the male hormone testosterone additionally add to a decrease in sexual excitement, genital sensation, and climax. Analysts still are examining the advantages of hormones and different meds, including drugs like Viagra, to treat sexual issues in women.

What Effect Does a Hysterectomy Have on Female Sexual Dysfunction?

Numerous women experience changes in sexual capacity after a hysterectomy(surgical expulsion of the uterus). These progressions may incorporate lost desire, and diminished vaginal lubrication and genital sensation. These issues might be related to the hormonal changes that happen with the loss of the uterus. Moreover, nerves and veins basic to sexual capacity can be harmed amid the medical procedure.

How Does Menopause Affect Female Sexual Dysfunction?

The loss of estrogen following menopause can prompt changes in a lady’s sexual working. Passionate changes that regularly go with menopause can add to a lady’s loss of enthusiasm for sex and additional capacity to end up stirred. Hormone substitution treatment (HRT) or vaginal lubricants may improve certain conditions which can make issues with sexual capacity in women. For example, loss of vaginal lubrication and genital sensation. Additionally, take an oral medication once every day, ospemifene (Osphena), makes vaginal tissue thicker and less delicate.

It comes in the notice that some postmenopausal women report an expansion in sexual fulfillment. This might be because of diminished uneasiness over getting pregnant. What’s more, a postmenopausal lady frequently has less youngster raising duties, enabling them to unwind and appreciate closeness with their accomplices.

When Should I Call My Doctor About Sexual Dysfunction?

Numerous women experience an issue with sexual capacity now and again. In any case, when the issues are tireless, they can cause trouble for the women and her accomplice and can negatively affect their relationship. On the off chance that you experience any of these issues, see your specialist for assessment and treatment.


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